20 sept. 2014 wow!

Late last night collegue M. and I still settled some business things. I had already eaten , but I still got a plate piled with French fries, tasty meat, lemonade and beer. Wow, life has its good sides. In time on Saturday . I had to take care of cats, dogs and horses. And finally of myself, though I don’t need much care. The trailer still must be brought to a garage in Voerendaal in order to make a small adjustment. After that I went on to Klimmen to pick up a dog leash that had been specially made. I disturbed the man of the dogbelt a little early at 09 hours, because the communication went through the bedroom window. The man in the trailer garage, at 9.15, was engaged in a vivid conversation in his office, with a charming young lady . He was a bit nervous and did not have much time for me. I can understand that.
At Ger’s place, he is our local shepherd, we sat down at the outdoor table and chatted about the various aspects of economics, life, business, etc. (photo). Next we went to my fields in Wahlwiller, to demonstrate Ger what ecological pastures his herd of sheep can go graze next year. My own sheep are going to spend one year in Zeeland, 2 hours away from here. In between I got a phone call from coll. M. whether I still am alive with my “almost blood poisoning”. I replied that I was deadly ill in my bed and that I had “gotten” a private nurse. The latter she granted me, but me being deadly ill she did not believe. She understands everything. Also I got a call from the sheep trader whom I sold my young male lambs to a few weeks ago. I understand that this is not all very interesting to read, but I type it only to show that all the time I have left, goes into organizing one year of absence. But that organising is also pleasant: coffee, cake or a chat, enthusiastic dog, a horse who is grateful for all the attention he gets and all the exercise, which he sometimes demonstrates by kissing my hand with his big horse lips. Like I am a nobel lady, ha, ha, he doesn’t know better. Soon we’ll go for a walk again. Where shall I walk today? I already covered all paths in the region. I’ll see where I’ll get. Anyway I have an appointment to go and have a nice diner somewhere tomorrow night. Food! O.k., now it’s 12.30. Lunch and away.
In the evening we had finished another 22 km. A few thunderstorms. I got an SMS from secrartary Kim if I’m still on speaking terms because of my arm. A chat in the forest with college Ed V., who was trimming there again ; I met some,m young Germans , right across the German border, who were a little offended because My horse and me werevdisturbing their cross bike trail. They were right. Entschuldigung. They were satisfied. Tonight at the computer
Working on the route through Europe. So also this day is spent on making preparations.
Le jour d’aujourd’hui j’aime plus que hier, moins que demain (this present day I like more than yesterday, less then tomorrow). Being adolescents, we liked this slogan , which then was only slightly different . Le jour was left away and the slogan was: aujourd’hui je t’ aime plus que hier …etc. Those kids again!

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