19 sept. 2014 abces arm, horsebags, training

This morning I picked up my new passport; I made a call to make an apointment for the adjustment to the horse trailer; another apointment at 1 p.m. a tents’ Eddie to make rainproof saddlebags out of tent sail, in order to put my 4 backpacks in there. Meanwhile a view mail on the flyer that will be distributed in the area of ​​sponsorship goal Mama Alice in Peru and my journey. The website for adjusting this: free phone calls again, and time. This afternoon and tonight just to see what hours to find for walking with Tosca and Leon. I am still a little tired and shivering. Of course, is that abscess, causing my whole li-arm is warm and thick. Always a risk of blood poisoning and then you have been there within a day, if you’re unlucky. Marietje colleague wanted me to send all of the surgeon. I watch out. Cutting open the case and then you again six weeks sweet. Then but the risk of blood poisoning. My bidprentje is already done: I was on my bull (see section pictures in the menu bar). Nevertheless but finally went to the penicillin. A medegymclublid made me subtly to point out that you can get from penicillin witvloed. Hopefully not too it yet! Further a text message from a fellow swimmer, which I weekly 80 laps in one hour swam as training for the ascent of Mont Blanc and Monte Rosa, the last few years. Now I loved D by no bee and her girlfriend, a D, I could just follow. But yes, they were 20 j. Younger, but train together however encouraged to go hard. Many “Stoete the kurruf” about shadowing, but look who it is indeed doing. Today reported back a candidate from Gulpen.
Evening starts. Another 20 km. Tramped with pony Leon and dog Tosca, the black lady. A while ago at the former farmers’ union, nowadays named differently, I bought cheap bad weather rubber shoes. I had never worn them. They were one size too big, but I tried them all day. They were o.k., 20 km, without causing pain or blisters. I think of the Sherpas, the people in the Himalayas, carriers, who often carry huge burdens, barefooted on stony paths through water etc. And with no insoles. Some day I’ll ask a podiatrist ( seems to be different from podiologist) for an explanation how those sherpa’s do that. Tosca, my new dog,mwho is not used to far walking and who is only one year old, is running all day long without having any problems. Unfortunately she really likes water and still more mud. That’s very promising in my tent, especially because she also is very affectionate.

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