18 august 2014 Another dog?

It will be boring, all that whining about horse and dog. As if no Sonja and his children and grandchildren! But fortunately all going on, and I have no problem with that, this in contrast to my trip. So here we go again:
Laminitis konikhengst Luka goes away. State offered. Masses of other horses for sale. One is still so young, you do not know whether the animal can handle, because he / she has never had to do something. The other is all on age and naturally goes away, because what is it. One is always super spoiled with optimal care, and that they do not get during my trip, the other one has eczema or is pregnant, or this or that. Still others are four-hour drive from here and still others get what you lied. At a glance, you know whether a horse is not good, so how do we get all settled in the already busy weeks? I have no time to take them on trial. It’s all a gamble with these animals.
Yesterday shepherd Ger. Told him the story and asked how I get my flock of sheep transported to Zeeland, to house them there for one year at shepherd Hanke’s. Ger wants to manage my pastures in Wahlwiller during my absence with his own sheep. Beautiful. He offered to bring my sheep to Zeeland, but I don’t want to accept that great offer. So that is all settled. Oh, says Ger, yesterday I sold a beautiful long-haired Altdeutsche German shepherd dog to someone in Maastricht. He wanted a guard dog, but his guardian qualities are not great. And that person’s partner was a little bit afraid of the dog, so big and black. Maybe they won’t keep the dog. That dog is 4 y. old and very strong. Very usefull to. Moreover, well trained, even with sheep. Let’s hope that dog will not stay in Maastricht. I also saw an ad about another offer of a Dutch Shepherd dog roughhair in the north of the country. But that’s a bitch and allready 6.5 y. old, like our dog Joep. To see her it takes a four-hour drive to Groningen. But if I’ll get it I’ll have two dogs, and I really want to get a less busy life. Well, one or the other. Consultation with Sonja. Doesn’t every advantage has a disadvantage? It looks like searching on a dating-line (I imagine). How about this one, does that person look good, but how about the character? Too young, not enough education, too experienced, too old. Anyway many advertisements that offer hope that I can realize my intentions about ponyanddogtrip. Keep on going. If you really want to you can do it. Mostly luxury problems. I can buckle my belt one hole more tight!
I’m thinking about organizing a sponsor party for Mama Alice. Alert for unsec . last Friday of the month. Tonight I have an interview in Epen with mr. J about sponsorship of Mama Alice. Tomorrow a meeting with mr. A in Maastricht for the same reason . Everything is running , just like me. Yesterday an 18 km. walk with Sonja and Joep . Let’s see how Joep wil walk again . Early this morning on three legs ! I don’t think he is ready or capable of making such a trip of one year . Allready two animals have to be replaced , Soon I’ll have to be replaced too. Ha, ha, some would like to.

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