17 Sept. 2014 Adjustment for site sponsors , walking with Pauline and Rob

This morning I went to the site master. The site would provide the opportunity for advertisers to put a logo on the site. The chapter Mama Alice is adjusted with the possibility of sponsoring per run km. When the site adjustment is done, stencils will be distributed in the villages Epen and Mechelen for sponsorship. Phew, I hope everything will be ready in time. I’m looking for someone who wants to help, during my absence, administering the sponsorship of one cnt. per km. Otherwise, people may promise a donation, and you may never receive anything. Who wants to help?
Today I left only at 11. In Vijlenerwood I soon saw a few Belgian beauties, with a youngster (babysitter?), who were cooking lunch in the middle of a hollow road (see photo). I imagine that in Spain, I will meet such people all the time of course! Along the way I met a former Santiago pelgrim (see photo). He said he was 65 those days, and sometimes walked up to 40 kilometers a day. Then I can do that too. At 3 p.m. I was pretty tired. This morning I had only a small breakfast and during walking I had nothing but a little drink, while it was sunny and 25 degrees C. Sonja was the angel who came foraging me and then one feels the legs reenforcing. During the afternoon, Pauline and Rob joined me (in Ingber).
In November they will join me some 10 days in Spain. Very nice. In Wahlwiller we visited Pauline’s parents and their friends (photo). Today when I got home I had walked 37 km. Haha, I’m going fine. Yammy, yammy: macaroni, vegitables with avocado and pudding mit Einlage. Marriage has its benefits. Next will be a nice bath and then dans le puce.

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