17 aug. 2014 thinking about a new horse and a new dog

Yesterday I did not walk 25 km. As I should, but only 17 km. Dog Joep lost his dog shoes every few km. Each time he jumped or started a sprint chasing a rabbit, these shoes went flying through the air. So I releaved him fr om his attributes after a few km. By loosing the shoes Joep will get rid of them too and they are quite expensive. Today I walk again with Joep, without shoes and tomorrow I’ll see if he limps more than usual ..
Yesterday and this morning I checked a lot of ads about ponies and horses. That takes a lot of time and to go and see these animals will take still much more time. And once I have bought them I’ll still have to get a bond with them. I’m beginning to wonder if I can go in Oct. Maybe I should postpone my trip until June of next year Oct. ????? I do not quite like the idea of leaving later, because of the planning of my work and family life. Moreover I already started all preparations. When I leave in June, I have to leave from the Norwegian Cape North since in the south of Europe it’ll be much too hot. Besides walking from N to S one always is looking at the sun and also against the wind and rain. And that’s not all. Well, an advantage of starting in june in the north is avoiding the July and August mosquitoes in Lapland. I’ll first wait and see what reactions I’ll get to the advertisements to which I have responded. And how about another dog? I am also occasionely glancing at dog sites.
Every advantage has a disadvantage, according to our famous soccer player Kruijf. In case of another horse I don’t want a stallion any more and I want an animal that’s all educated. All the efforts I made to get current Luka ready were in vain. On the other hand all those horse intercourse until now helps me handling horses. And by another dog I will be bound again for many years while live started to get a little more relaxed. But Joep, even though he is my dear Joep, also is a somewhat awkward dog: a male shepherd. Just try!. We also have cats and sheep. And you can’t leave him together with the other animals: chasing and even biting them. So there are many aspects which are unexpectedly complicated, but I shouln’t try to explain it all, otherwise it will be too long. We see what will come up and meanwhile I keep my eyes and ears open for a new pony / horse and maybe a new dog.

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