16 sept. 2014 filming and another 20 km.

This morning we have made a first movie. I am curious. Then I walked again, the same as yesterday’s round, but all the roads just a little different again, in order to get the horse adjusted to as many different situations as possible. Tomorrow morning I want to expand the website with a chapter on sponsorship , or at least I want to discuss how we are going to modify that website. If that adjustment of the website is ready , we can finally ditribute the stencils around Epen and Mechelen about the sponsorship of Mama Alice. I just need to find someone who, if I am away for one year, will help sponsoring. Now the preparations progress slowly , preparing the walk gets less stressed. Because I got less on my mind. But there are so many obligations every day and too few hours remain to train like I should. Soi ! Tomorrow another day to come.

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