15 sept. 2014 Filming, website, walking again

Today, after the necessary home and garden duties ( bringing garbage to Heerlen, to tents’ Eddie for a bag on horseback, picking up my cellphone in Beek etc.) I finally could leave walking at 11.30. In between I got a call that tomorrow the filmmakers will come; I made an appointment with the sitemaker to make adjustments to the website on Wednesday on behalf of advertisers / sponsors for Mama Alice. Today’s walk around Drielandenpunt was beautifull, following the pilgrim path that got lost already in Moresnet. We passed farms that still were a little authentic.
In Belgium we walked across a golf course, where most people still used our local language (“plat” kalle) and though the official language is French, I had a conversation with a Dutch couple. Gorgeous, such a stone farmhouse with a real Kollef (vegetable garden) and even geese. I should be passing here on horseback. Actually here one still sees the remains of a thousand year old culture determined by agriculture. Too bad that old culture is vanishing rapidly. On the other hand, other times, other morals. Other people, other laws. Those who do not adapt will perish. What am I thinking of while walking some 30 km. in hot weather? Well, this sort of observations (and many others). Someone wrote in his blog that his Santiago pelgrimage had not changed him. You mostly recognize the things you see and youbthink about themthings you already know. Selective perception they call it. It relaxes to be just walking, occupied with my two animals and with the immediate surroundings. Some argue that walking is the best way to think. Would that be the reason why catholic clergy in the old times, when I was a child “brevierden” (young people can check this on their tablet)? I was almost home when from Sippenaken in Belgium I had a nice view on our house.

Walking in Belgium collegue Ilse passes me in her car. Hi, nice brief chat. A few minutes later miller Raoul S stops his car. Chat. In Belgian Sippenaken I met Con who I know from the carosserie garage. In Sippenaken a cyclist stops and introduces himself: I want to to take a picture of you for my sister in Peru, Frederique Kallen, who runs the organisation Mama Alice that I am walking for. Turns out to be Pierre Kallen. A couple from Dutch Friesland followed me a while to show them how they could get back, past Belgian camping La Frontiere , to their safe Netherlands. You see, my trips remain cozy. Dog K.O. Horse groomed, diner and next was to bring away a male sheep that is going to offer its services in Noorbeek.

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