15 october 2014 Plasencia

During daylight we arrived at a camping in Placencia, near Caceres. The landscape is nice with corctrees, hills, groups of half wild boar, sheep, horses, many storks, milans and vultures. The name reminds me of placenta, … Probably my professional deformation. The lady at the reception offered us a little chalet with a matrimonial bed (for a married couple) and a sleeping bench. Older brother Jack and I explained her in our best Spanish, that the bed will serve Jack and me, the couch for the dog and our younger brother Michiel on the floor. She was glad to laugh after many of those other often serious Northwest Europeans.
While we on our porch discuss the mondial political, economic, social, psychological problems home and here, now and in the past, Tosca is tied in the kitchen of our cabin. She makes us clear that she is young and needs a lot of attention and our laps are her private property, that she has the right to eat our beer sausages and to lie on our beds. After being banned to the kitchen for half an hour she demonstrated how easy it is to bite through the leather leash. The positive part of this experience is that I noticed I have succes in adding a handicap to my walk by taking along these two animals. Tosca’s needs are easily satisfied. After her beer sausages she soothes her thirst with the water in the toilet. Isn’t she sweet?

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