14 oct. 2014 arrival Bordeaux (Fr.)

Brother Jack holding tapestry

Tapestry hanging down in strips

14 oct. 2014. We left at 9 according to our planning, leaving behind us 7 waving persons. On the brink I still got a devotion necklace. All the way from Rome, with Mary. The chain is so short that the holy virgin curiously peeps into the world from inside my brest hair. This for sure will protect me against the evil eye. After an easy going trip with a quiet dog and a well behaving horse and two equally sweet brothers we arrived at 9.30 p.m. at dark at castel St. Quentin near Bordeaux: 1000 km. The tapestry, if present at all, was falling off the walls. The matrass, partly without matrasssheet, was covered with dog’s hair and the sheets and blankets had dirty yellow stains. The moving side walls of the shower were gone and dots of hair stuffed the sewer pipe etc. etc. Not very fit for ladies. Jack and Michiel share one room. Tosca and I have a room with a double bed (reminder: Tosca is a dog). She slept on a cloth on the wooden floor. Because she tried right away to tear it apart she got a mouth tie. Makes her look still more scaring. Jack served us Polish sausages and wodka with lemonade. Michiel thought that the shabby castel lady might have been beautifull long ago. During the years she probably adapted her appearance to the condition of the castel. Only good. Otherwise it might have been necessary also to tie Michiels mouth. His problem is, one of his problems is, that he didn’t loose much of his former beauty of 40 years ago. Seems difficult to me.

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