13 oct. 2014 Leaving home Cottessen

Saying goodbye to children and grandchildren

Interesting to see how many people on my leaving were glad to to come and say goodbye. Also I just returned from friend Jo, who has been discharged from the hospital because they couldn’t help him any more on his heart failure. Jo, show them hell! See you in about six months. Rudi filmmaker who wants to make a film of my journey gave me his last instruction about how to handle the camera he gave me to take with me. I had set up my tent to give it another trial. It turned out to have five holes, at the spots where the horse walked on it a few days ago. I fixed it the last day, but we will see soon if it’s repaired well. Also some people told me they would join me a week or so. Welcome. And a couple of friends want to join me a while in Norwegian Lapland. But first I still have to get there. I am sure to succeed, because someone gave me a necklace with a medal with a guardian angel, of course beautifully blue; a Christopher with young child Jesus in the arm, a relic of St. Benedict supposedly dating from approximately the year 450; and for the non-Christian parts of the tour a small wooden troll (do I spell it right?). A friend, who has been at the Romam Catholic seminary for quite some years, reported me the three cardinal rules of St. Benedict: auscultation, stabilitas loci and conversio morum. Chic huh: listening well, taking a firm stand in life and, if necessary, change your mind. So I’m learning ever more. I also got a note from the south of France, that we were welcome to spend the first night in a castle at St. Quentin near Boredeaux, 800 km. from Cottessen, together with our horse and dog. You see, it is still possible. This also proves that the way I speak French is being understood. I got no reactions to my Spanish mails about shelter. Or don’t they understand Spanish well over there in Spain? Because I was ill a while ago I lost 4 kg. The last few weeks I tried hard to compensate the loss with rice-, prune- and apple pie, tuurtsjes (pastry), elaborate meals with icecream durante et post coenam (during and after dinner) resp. own wine and “digestives”. My hair is cut very short for the first time in about 55 years. Bebop for the first time since we are from the area of HAIIIIIIR. Conflicting with my social views I now am a redneck. Cool man!

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