Sunday May 31st 2015. Still in Trondheim

Infrastruktureren in de café. Wel ruige muziek: greensleeves, stones Trini Lopez etc                                                                                  Onze hangplek voor vandaag: kafe Ni Muser in Trondheim

Infrastructuring in a cafetaria. Nice 60-music: Greensleeves, Rolling Stones, Trini Lopez etc                 Here we hung out most of the day: kafe Ni Muser in Trondheim

Today infrastructuring, so no alarm clock. Tosca is in his blanket on the boards under the roof of the bicycle shed and kept all night quiet as usual. Because we booked for two nights I could even wash my clothes in the shower. Normally I have little time to dry them, but now they do. I stuffed myself with all goodies that Francien had brought: Rumbeans, that I learned to appreciate as a child. I still like to drink a shot of rum in the tea. Make me sleep extra well. Furthermore, nuts, cookies, candy bars, chocolate. Can I boost my gone layer of belly grease. I shave every day, like my friend Ben P from Eijs advised me. A few years ago Ben walked 600 km. in Africa, following the footsteps of Livingstone. Otherwise you are being regarded as a dirty dog. I think it’s not that bad yet, because yesterday a few gypsies came up to me begging.
The manager of our pilgrims’ hostel, also a pilgrimage center, asked on his own for an interview with photographs. Very flattering, but what does it help me? Anyway, I got an unexpected huge acknowledgment paper that I accomplished the Olavspelgrimsway. How do I get that paper home intact in my backpack? I rolled it between my rolled up sleeping mattress.
Funny is that here people greet less than at ours. So on purpose I greet people remarkably well when I enter somewhere. Who knows it’ll catch on. King Olav of Norway brought Christianity here in 1030. Uncle Harry in 2015 introduced saluting. The arrogant jellyfish!
All morning infrastructuring. June 21st I want to go and admireto daughter Lilian’s and son in law Ralf’s first off spring, who should be born about then. I’ll be in Sweden somewhere in the Lapland jungle then, Hemavan, with the midnight sun and, who knows, swarming mosquitoes. And together with friend Han, who will join me then for a week. Han is booking a flight for me from Hemavan to Nl. and of course back. But where do I leave my Tosca that week? Googling at Hemavan and dog I only find a few kennels with sled huskies. Moreover I do not understand Swedish. Or shall I go to the airport in Mo i Rana in Norway? Hundred km away from Hemavan. On verra (we’ll see). Well, it keeps improvisation all the way. In Hemavan, Sweden, begins the tourist top walking trail through Lapland, viz. The Kungsleden, the King’s way. In summer, it seems to be very populated. You’re likely to encounter 1, 2 or even up to 3 people per day! If they will only greet then, we may have some fun.

In the afternoon Francien and I visit Trondheim, end up in a student-cafetaria, where they play nice 60’s music like Jumping Jack Flash of the Stones and similar golden oldies, to the digust of our parents’ – hellowed be their names.
Back at the pilgrimage center I see that Tosca has torn apart her blanker pyjama, so  it is not very likely the blanket wil serve her much longer. What a beast. Tomorrow she may tire herself again.
Bona, bona, bona notte, bambino mio, or something thelike (Rocco Granata).

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