10 june 2014 Horse problems

Today I asked information about laminitis. A horseman said: Just wait 6 weeks how much better the pony will get. After those 6 weeks, you start riding him (he never has been ridden) and than we’ll find out if his tender hoofs have gotten better or not. Besides we can make him waterproof then. If it doesn’t work out you can still get another horse in august or september and leave on your trip in oct. 2014.

A befriended vet advices me not to make my trip with a stallion. Besides, she said, your dog is also rather nasty. And the laminitis can always easily return. Better look for another pony. Otherwise you’re asking for problems. If I’ll get another horse then a stallion is impossible (2 stallions together will give fights), a mare isn’t possible either, so rather limited choices.

First I’ll go on vacation to Canada for 3 weeks and afterwards we’ll see.

My site still isn’t finished. I’m getting upset about it. Paid much mony for it and I want it finished. The sitemaker goes on vacation in a few days and when he returns I’ll go for 3 weeks. I’ll call and mail him again tomorrow.

So all the preparations are not going the way I want. If it were so easy it wouldn’t be a challenge I keep telling myself, though my feelings are less positive!

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