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About myself

I was born in 1951 in Heerlen,  South Limburg, the Netherlands.

I’ve  been interested in animals, nature, and the environment for my whole life and always loved physical activities and outdoor sports.

When I was young I considered studying the environment, but ultimately I chose to become  a family doctor in a small Limburg village.

I married Sonja and had 4 children who are now grown. As I am now nearing retirement, my plan is to walk from the extreme south of Europe, in Spain, to the extreme north, Cape North in Norway, together with my dog Joep and my pack pony Luka


Sunday August 30st 2015 Cottessen, Nl. (home)

  Welcome home. Traveling in the camper I compesated more ...

Friday August 29th 2015. Going home in camper. Ferry from Lagesund (N) to Hirtshals ( Dk)

early morning races on the river in Drammen/Lagesund[/caption]      < Still in ...


2012 porto, luca-konik, illari, bokken 103 Har juli 2014 013 Son juni 2014 109 006 Nabij Karstraat Wahlwiller IMG_5917-BorderMaker Har juli 2014 023 training Monte Rosa Italy 2013 training Luka and Joep in Cottessen 2014 febr. 14


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